DREAMZ–a film on dreams of under-privileged girls


By Rajan Walia

City Mirror News Network

Chandigarh: Dreamz, an experimental art crossover movie highlighting the challenges, traumas and dreams of under privileged girls depicting some of the true stories that touch the hearts shall be released soon.

The movie has been jointly being produced by ASSOCHAM and Rai Foundation with the objective of creating awareness and encouraging corporates to come forward in undertaking welfare measures, this was stated by Mr. D S Rawat Secretary General ASSOCHAM, Ms. Harbeen Arora producer, script writer and costume designer and Mr. Vinay Rai, Chairman Rai Foundation at a press meet today.

The most prominent actress Melissa Biggs, Darlene Moore, Serena Lorien, Aiden Angeli, Natalia Janoszek, Kara Ragland, Taruna Ummatt, Anusha Jain, Mansi Srivastava, Amruta Ghuge, Debleena Sen, Bia Sousa Guedes are currently in India for shooting  from Italy, US, Europe, Africa Far East and South Asia.

“It is a wake-up call for the society at large and DREAMZ an appeal to the collective conscience of out human civilization to move concertedly towards a cultured world where men, women and children are treated with the respect and dignity that their innocent hearts and loving souls deserve”, added Mr. Rawat.

‘DREAMZ’ will strike a chord with every woman and every family across the globe. The movie’s protagonists come from all parts of the world and the stories of their anguish, trauma and travails are universal.
The film is a feminine perspective on layers of abuses that eventually end up affecting a woman, no matter where they start. Yet these issues which diminish her dignity and attack her self-esteem are so often pushed under the carpet, families feign ignorance, society turns a blind eye and common media sensationalizes.

The film is a bold experiment in every way-straddles a variety of women’s issues; has actors from multiple cultures; cross-section of strongly-etched characters’ original score by an international musician; and indelible mark on our hearts and mind, so that we open up to Change – Valuing our Women, and not vandalizing them.

Mr. Rawat said both ASSOCHAM – Rai Foundation are actively working for the last four years towards empowering underprivileged girls from all across the length and breadth of India through providing totally free high quality university education from Bachelors to PhD. To give these girls and international cultural exposure and a wider thinking horizon the foundation started working with various country embassies and NGO’s in the various countries to get underprivileged Girls from there. It is a unique first in our university that currently over 180 girls from 21 countries study at the university alongside their India girls totally free of cost. These countries include countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, China, Srilanka, Afghanistan, Kenya, Ethopia, Uganda, Ghana, Botswana, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Venezuela, Brazil, Tibet.

ASSOCHAM and Rai Foundation together have initiated the “DREAMZ” program for gifted girls where 100% scholarship is offered for Bachelor, Master and PhD program to less privileged girls from different states of India (especially OBC, SC/ST & Minorities) and across the world.
Mr. S M Khan, Directorate General Doordarshan News said for under privileged girls, the government is playing a crucial role for their upliftment and as part of commitment we will shortly initiate a programme based on three aspects : gender bias, secularism and retribution to crime against women.

Apart from the entire cast and crew of the movie, Mr. Rajeev Kumar Jain, Directorate Film Federation of India (FFI), Mr. Vinod Lamba, President Film Federation of India (FFI) also addressed the press.

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